Where I End and You Begin, 2019, A site-specific work made for Galerie Gisela Clement, June 2019.

Plastic straws, cigarette filter tips, cable clips, dead flies and found objects; Dims.: variable

Where I End an You Begin takes the form of a line drawing constructed from drinking straws which circumvents the gallery. This line takes the viewer’s eye on a multi-coloured tour of the space, exploring its architecture, testing its boundaries, abiding or sometimes breaking its rules. It is a line which follows its own logic and precise efficiency, as well as liable to wild abandon and indulgence.

Embedded within this installation is Together Forever, a series of ink and gouache drawings of the same drinking straws, their colour and casual arrangement evoking a kind of dishevelled formalism, their disposability made permanent through the medium of their execution with exquisite attention to detail. Together Forever is the joyful expression at a hedonistic party, a celebration drunk on colour and excess with no thought for the headache which comes tomorrow.

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See here for review by Thomas Kliemann, General Anzeiger Bonn.