Mansize, 2017 - 2023

Video, 140 minute loop; Dims and installation variable.

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Mansize is a feature-length film, showing one hundred Mansize tissues being pulled one by one from their box. Each tissue gives rise to the next in a series of unique sculptures, forming a simple narrative, marking time from beginning to end. Shifts in speed and pitch serve to dramatise the birth of each tissue from nothing into something absurdly momentous and epic, its ferocious sound engulfing the space before stillness restored temporarily.

The film in format and spirit is originally inspired by Fischli and Weiss’ The Way Things Go, 1987, recognising the influence these artists have had on subsequent generations of artists in forging, yet subverting, the monumental through modest means.

Mansize is due to be presented in its complete version at Green on Red Gallery in 2023.